US sends message that it hates Duterte as much as Putin


GO, let’s be honest and even barely objective. No Filipino media professional who knows Maria Ressa, except of course her shamelessly servile staff, thinks she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is a fraud. She did not write any journalism work to claim this award. Rappler is not persecuted with what she melodramatically calls a “thousand cuts”.

His cases are for libel, filed by a private person and for Rappler’s taking of foreign money, expressly prohibited by the Constitution. But compared to the steady stream of Philippine Daily Inquirer attacks on President Rodrigo Duterte, as the official body of the opposition, Rappler is a shy kitten. With the exception of his misinformation exaggerating the death toll in Duterte’s drug war, Rappler has produced no real work, even bordering on Duterte’s popularity.

The rewards Ressa would deserve would be for acting as Duterte’s victim and for deceiving the Nobel committee.

But not really. The only reason Ressa got the award was because A’s hegemonic United States wanted to express their extreme loathing for Duterte, as much as they hate his unmistakably authoritarian foe – Vladimir Putin – who effectively ruled the Russia for 22 years.

It’s entirely planned: after the United States moved heaven and earth to dismantle the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and get Russia to get rid of its Communist Party system, a former KGB official – Putin – arrives to lead a new, more menacing Russia. Americans than the old Soviets.

And why would the United States hate Duterte so much that it would use its hegemonic soft power to get the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to present Ressa with the Peace Prize? The answer is that he is the first Philippine president to “separate” the country from the American grip and bring it closer to its superpower rivals, China and Russia.


Worse, Duterte suddenly reversed his predecessor’s policy of quarreling with China and making the Philippines the most useful and malleable US proxy against the Asian superpower in the so-called “pivot to Asia” launched in 2010.

Imagine, the United States manipulated the ignorant 3rd administration of Benigno Simeon Aquino into bringing an arbitration suit against China in order to scare the country into thinking it needed the American military bases to prevent a Chinese invasion that it becomes a puppet in its own right. And then Duterte comes in, puts arbitration proceedings aside and makes China his first friend.

For Ressa to receive the Nobel Prize is so absurd it borders on hilarious if you really honestly think about it. Its co-recipient – who shared the $ 1 million prize – is Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov, who founded and was the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, one of the few independent newspapers there, for 24 years. How long has Rappler been running? Nine years since 2012.

Is Rappler independent? Far from it, it was a tool of the 3rd Aquino Regime, even shamelessly leading the black propaganda campaign in the new internet world of information to help impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona. He had never published a critical article on the Aquino administration. When Duterte took office, he was relentlessly posting false news and innuendo against him.

Novaya Gazeta does not have a ruble of foreign funding that Putin could accuse him of being a “foreign agent”. Mikhail Gorbachev, the last prime minister of the USSR, used the money from his 1990 Nobel Peace Prize to help set it up in 1993 and buy its first computers.

Foreign funding

In contrast, Rappler survives on foreign funding. He boasted that he had obtained $ 1.5 million in US funds, even though it was in violation of the Constitution. He earns income as a “fact-checker” from Facebook and in 2019 – despite the SEC’s decision to dissolve him for securing foreign funding – secured additional funding from another US entity, the Media Development Investment. Fund.

And it was not just funds from banks, but from “foundations” that actually admitted to doing the propaganda work in developing countries that the Central Intelligence Agency did during the Cold War in the 1950s. After Novaya Gazeta published journalist Denis Korotkov’s investigation of Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin in October 2018, its offices received deliveries of a severed ram’s head and funeral flowers. But it is nothing. Since its founding in 1993, six of its journalists have been killed, including Anna Politkovskaya, whose reports exposed high-level corruption in Russia and rights violations in the Chechen Republic in the North Caucasus.

The only thing Ressa had to suffer was to post bail (funded by his US investors) for his libel conviction for publishing an article falsely claiming that an accomplished businessman was a murderer.

Among the admirable articles of the Russian newspaper was its series of investigative articles in 2004, which accused Sergey Kiriyenko of embezzling $ 4.8 billion in International Monetary Fund funds in 1998 while he was Prime Minister of the United Nations. Russia.

In contrast, the only “investigative” article Rappler wrote is that of Ressa herself when she wrote that the Resort World attack in 2017 was carried out by an al-Qaeda agent named “Abu Khair. al Luzonee “. Police didn’t even bother to respond to Ressa’s hilarious report.

Jover Laurio

To put Ressa on the same level as Muratov, his co-recipient of the Nobel Prize, is to put the yellow blogger Jover Laurio on the same level as the national artist F. Sionil Jose. A person of integrity would have declined the price.

Well, Ressa can’t even stand up to the anti-Duterte editors and editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The United States, of course, is so arrogant that it can do so by exerting its influence on the Nobel Committee to distort the portrayal that Ressa is as militant and accomplished a journalist as Muratov.

Through the Ressa Prize, the Americans are obviously sending the message to Duterte: we have put you on our enemy list forever as Putin. Take note, whoever your successor is,

American arrogance is such that they worked to get the Nobel even though it is so obvious that in this year, or two years of crisis all over the world, there are more heroes worthy of the prize.

In the first row is the Australian Julius Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who gave the world access to data, which revealed how the wars waged by the United States against Afghanistan and Iraq have Ruthless, how he is the biggest violator of human rights in the world. The United States even demonstrated its arrogance by asking a British court to rule on Assange’s extradition to America on the same day Ressa would receive her Nobel Prize.


18-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has done a lot to draw the world’s attention to the need to decisively tackle the climate change crisis. In the two years of a pandemic that threatened the lives of millions of humans, has no one played a big role in the case that deserves the Nobel? Not the scientists who developed the vaccines in record time? Not Dr. Anthony Fauci of the United States with his pivotal role in fighting the pandemic in America? Not the nurses who risked (and sacrificed) their lives for a meager salary to care for those affected by Covid-19?

But, of course, giving these people the Nobel Prize would be useless for the purposes of American propaganda. The United States, the Nobel Committee and Ressa should apologize.

Rather than being proud that a fellow Filipino (even though she’s also an American) won the very first Nobel Prize, I’m ashamed. A Filipino American megalomaniac demeaned a prestigious award, which should have been given to others to inspire others to serve humanity.

Ressa only serves herself and American hegemony.

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