Welsh cheese company launches GIANT advent calendar – priced at £ 149


Happy Brie, it’s Christmas! £ 149 Welsh CHEESE Advent Calendar Contains 9 Pounds of Food

  • The Welsh Cheese Company has launched a massive £ 149 calendar for 2021
  • Contains 24 pieces of 200g of cheese for December, including feta and Caerffili
  • Each individual triangle measures 20 inches wide by 13 inches high and was designed to be placed in a refrigerator separately for storage

A Welsh cheese factory has launched a £ 149 advent calendar, which is over a meter wide.

Packaged with 24 individual 200g servings of artisanal Welsh cheese, The Welsh Cheese Company’s calendar has everything from creamy soft cheeses that would rival any French brie, to punchy and enjoyable cheddars and snap blues. the lips.

Containing 9 pounds of food, the extravagant advent calendar is made up of four distinct triangles.

Each individual triangle measures 20 inches wide by 13 inches high and was designed to be placed in a refrigerator separately for storage.

Welsh Cheese has launched a giant advent calendar with 4.2 kg (9 lb) of cheese

When the triangles are arranged together to create a Christmas tree shape, the calendar is over three feet wide and is considered the largest food calendar on the market for 2021.

Cheese advent calendars became popular five years ago after food blogger Annem Hobson, 32, of London, who runs food blog So Wrong It’s Nom, created the Cheese Calendar, the first ever calendar. cheese advent from UK, after growing up frustrated with the lack of festive savory offerings in supermarkets.

Since its debut in 2017, over 700,000 Cheese Advent Calendars have been sold in 14 countries and became Amazon’s top 10 best-selling Christmas gifts in 2019.

Say “cheese! The contents of the entire advent calendar

1. Brie Cenarth – Rich and creamy Brie style cheese (200g)

2. Bouncing Berry – Ripened Cheddar Cheese with Sweet Dried Cranberries (200g)

3. Heb Enw – Goat Cheese (120g)

4. Cryf – Extra ripe Cheddar (200g)

5. Angiddy – Soft brie style cheese (150g)

6. Red Storm – Vintage Red Leicester (200g)

7. Tysilio – Goat Cheese (180g)

8. Harlech – Cheddar with horseradish and parsley (150g)

9. Beechwood – Ripe naturally smoked cheddar (200g)

10. Perl Wen – Creamy white rind cheese (200g)

11. Organic Halloumi (180g)

12. Caws Preseli – Soft cheese with white rind (200g)

13. Truffle Trove – Extra-ripe cheddar with black summer truffle (150g)

14. Black Sheep – Creamy sheep cheese (150g)

15. Tintern – Cheddar with onions, chives and shallots (150g)

16. Ffetys – Feta Style Cheese (120g)

17. Ffili – Light and creamy organic Caerffili (200g)

18. Smoked Heb Enw – Goat Cheese (120g)

19. Drewi Sant – Soft cheese washed with mead (200g)

20. Ruby Mist – Aged cheddar with port and brandy (200g)

21. Y Fenni – Cheddar with Whole Mustard and Ale (150g)

22. Smoked Cerwyn – Oak Smoked Cheddar (200g)

23. Black Bomber – Extra ripe Cheddar (200g)

24. Perl Las – Creamy cheese with blue veins (200g)

Now other companies are taking advantage of their popularity.

Tom Pinder, founder of The Welsh Cheese Company, told FEMAIL: “Our mission is to celebrate and champion the delicious Welsh cheeses from artisan cheesemakers across Wales, so we thought it would be wonderful to do so. bring together a whole range in a giant advent calendar.

“While four kilos of cheese sounds like a bit of a crazy amount, everything in the calendar would last at least until New Years Eve, so it’s perfect if you’re planning a big get-together for Christmas or New Year’s Eve; it’s an advent calendar made to be shared. ‘

There is also a Mini Welsh Cheese Advent Calendar, which contains a selection of six Welsh cheeses and weighs a total of 1.2 kilograms (2 lbs 10 oz), costs £ 38.



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