What does the “Can I have cheezburger” meme mean? The origin of the cat virus trend explored


The “I can have cheezburger” is an iconic meme that originated in 2007. You must have seen cute cats ogling, or better yet, eating their humans’ burgers, burgers or hotdogs – and that’s exactly what the meme that paved the way for nearly all of the meme culture we see lining up on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok today.

The original meme featured an image of a British Shorthair cat that appeared to be smiling. According to the Know Your Meme website, the image is from Happy Cats, a Russian cat food company.

In the meme, the image of the smiling cat was superimposed on a blue background with the text “I can have cheezburger”, signifying the feline’s love for all things buns and cheese. Today, the meme has had its own resurgence, but let’s delve deeper into the origins of the meme.

How was the “Can I have some cheezburger” meme created?

Per Know Your Meme, it was January 11, 2007, when Erik Nakagawa, a blogger from Hawaii, decided to create the iconic meme. While the meme gained rapid popularity that continues to this day, Nakagawa didn’t stop there.

Nakagawa and his girlfriend, Kari Unebasami, started a meme-inspired blog site that focused on humorous images of cats – which have their own terminology, “lolcats” – and other animals.

The website, ICHC for short, has become a go-to destination for all things animal and humor in the rapidly expanding world of the internet. The blog has played a huge role in making lolspeak macros and animal pictures an internet staple.

While the network of Cheezburger sites has grown over the years, the popularity of the original meme has also held firm over the years. More importantly, memes have evolved.

Let’s take a look at some of the lolcat memes and how they evolved:

Some were adorable.

Some were hilarious.

Some were just plain sassy.

And it’s not just memes. ICHC’s initial jump in 2007 was so successful that, according to TIME, the blog was acquired by a Seattle-based company with a $2 million investment. Based on its origin, the company was called Cheezburger. From there, the company grew into a network of sites that made their mark on animal humor content online.

The network now includes sites like ICHC, FAIL Blog, MemeBase, Know Your Meme, and more. With a vast network of websites, ICHC is a true example of the incredible power of creativity and the internet.

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