Who was Raysean Autry and what was the cause of his death? Tributes pour in as Kollege Kidd co-owner passes away


Who was Raysean Autry and what was the cause of his death? Tributes pour in as the Kollege Kidd co-owner has passed away: The cases of COVID-19 have been on the rise for the past few days and once again this deadly virus is taking people’s lives. Another popular figure succumbed to this deadly virus. The announcement of the death of co-founder Raysean Autry, the death of Kollege Kidd caused a sensation on the web. Raysean Autry aka Raysean Autry was one of the co-owners of Kollege Kidd has passed away. After hearing his sudden news, admirers uploaded condolences and mementos to their famous hip-hop artist who started to gain popularity in 2011. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Cause of death of Raysean Autry

Fans said Kollege Kidd’s demise left a legacy of struggles any hip-hop artist would face early in life. According to the official Kollege Kidd Instagram page, which has over 1.2 million subscribers, the official owner of Kollege Kidd is the Autry brothers: Richard Autry and Raysean Autry. One of them had died from Raysean Autry following an acute infection with COVID-19.

Besides the official Kollege Kidd official page, Ray also has his own page under his name which has over 26.7 followers. His Instagram page indicates that he is a visionary content filmmaker and content creator.

Who was Raysean Autry?

Raysean Autry was the co-owner of Kollege Kidd who became known through his unique and different content on Youtube and his personal blog. Some of Ray’s admirers claim he was a Hip-Hop blogger who has inspired the younger generation through his music and digital content since 2011. According to his Facebook page, he resides in Los Angeles, California. The cause of his disappearance is believed to be Covid at this time, although internal details have yet to be validated by authorities.

Raysean Autry Age and real name of Kollege Kidd co-owner

Kollege Kidd Raysean Autry’s age appeared to be closed in the mid-1930s, although the exact details of his true date of birth are not yet known. He also went by Raysean Autry, which appears to be his official last name. He was known by 3 names: Raysean Autry, Ray Autry and Kollege Kidd. Kollege Kidd spectators offer their condolences to their favorite artist who had a face-to-face with DJ Akademiks around 2011-2012.

How rich was Raysean Autry, co-owner of Kollege Kidd? Raysean Autry net worth

Raysean Autry’s estimated net worth is around $ 1 million. Nonetheless, that maximum money rested on his huge number of fans and the growth of his channel. It has huge potential to represent relevant trending digital content through its social media and official website. Kollege Kid’s official Youtube channel has gathered 371,000 subscribers.

Kollege Kidd Raysean Autry co-founder was found dead on December 30 after being affected by Covid-19. He and his brother Richard Autry founded a company named Kollege Kidd, a known digital media platform for the Hip-Hop website. Reports state that Raysean Autry had died from coronavirus and had been struggling for a few days and some reports also state that his brother Richard Autry is also in the same complications and hospitalized due to a critical situation. You can get more details about Raysean Autry and his brother’s state of health in the paragraphs below.

In 2011, Raysean Autry and Richard Autry launched a digital platform for millennial hip hop heads. Raysean Autry was also popular on Instagram, thanks to the popularity of Kollege Kidd he gained 27,000 Instagram followers. . His account biography indicates that he was also a filmmaker. With the inspection of his LinkedIn profile, he was at Bowling Green State University. Raysean Autry also worked as a content creator and as an intern at CNN for In America. Raysean Autry and his brother Richard Autry were originally from Chicago. Raysean Autry’s career was full of variety and experience, he also knew how to use the camera as he worked at WGBU-PBS as Technical Director and Camera Operator. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in telecommunications, television and film in 2010.

Raysean Autry’s exact date of birth is unspecified, but he could be in his mid-30s. If we talk about her net worth, she was around $ 1 million. Kollege Kidd, who is owned by Raysean Autry and Richard Autry, has a verified Instagram account with a staggering 1.2 million followers and the account’s bio is texted with “Leader of the New Skool.” In addition to Kollege Kidd has an official channel on Youtube which has gained over 370,000 subscribers to date. Kollege Kidd’s LinkedIn page tells us that it was launched in 2011 when there was no media representation of underground hip hop primarily for new faces.

Kollege Kidd’s goal is to sign new faces, unsigned and talented artists on its platform. He grew the huge number of hip-hop fans around the world from 13 to 34 years old. Netizens paying homage to Raysean Autry on Twitter at the time of the news broke the internet. One of his followers tweeted that this was insane, he thought everyone at some point had at least seen a post from Kollege Kidd, Rest up.


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