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November 03, 2021

Aldi has in partnership with six bloggers and food influencers to create his very first “Board of directors of the charcuterie”To inspire shoppers this holiday season to develop their own meat and cheese platter.

Each board member received a special designation based on talents they bring to guide innovative combinations on charcuterie boards, a trend in vogue in recent years. The tray includes:

  • Sarah Crawford, the Sweet Talker, a Boston-based founder of the Broma Bakery blog on baking;
  • Gaby Dalkin, the Charcuterie Chef, a Los Angeles-based company chef and food / lifestyle editor known for her blog What’s Gaby Cooking dedicated to California-inspired recipes;
  • Rosalynn Daniels, the Family Foodie, a black based in Atlanta lifestyle blogger and recipe developer;
  • Kasim Hardaway, the realistic recipe, a food photographer and one of Kansas City’s most influential online food personalities;
  • Marissa mullen, Spread Stylista, a Brooklyn company creator of the popular Instagram account, Cheese by Numbers;
  • Sarah tracey, Wine Whisperer, New York sommelier and author of The Lush Life blog;
  • Kim brazington, the queen of cheese, Aldi purchasing director for cheese in the United States

Ambassadors will offer board style advice online via stop-motion videos, virtual demos, and a range of build-by-number models. In stores, Aldi will display a “Charcuterie Board Must-Have” buying guide and labels on cold cuts, cheeses and additional accessories.

Whole Foods and Kroger have also used influential bloggers for campaigns, but most grocers seem to be focused on driving social engagement with repeat shoppers. In September, Albertsons said it is appointing 20 of its own employees as ambassadors who will encourage ingredient discovery and inspire customers to buy food products through Pinterest.

Fashion and beauty bloggers are much more heavily recruited for affiliate marketing and live buying campaigns. Walmart, Nordstrom and Target have collaborated with social media stars to create collections.

Social commerce Inmar 2021 investigation out of 1,000 adults taken in April found that 35.2% of respondents follow influencers on social media for recipe inspiration, quite close to the 40.6% who follow influencers for fashion / style inspiration / beauty.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do grocers have as much of an opportunity to work with online influencers as retailers and brands in the fashion and beauty categories? What do you think of Aldi’s Charcuterie Board of Directors campaign?


“Sometimes it is beneficial to have a goal of simply interacting with or attracting consumers, rather than specific goals around current buyers or return on investment.”

“Sometimes it’s beneficial to have a goal of simply interacting with or attracting consumers, rather than specific goals around current buyers or ROI.”

“Fun. Experiential. Differentiating. Plus access to a lot of new leads through their work with influencers.”



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