Win the longest game


I think it’s safe to say that the bad guys here win a long game, but they’ll lose the longest. A glimmer of hope, although they have in the meantime ensured unnecessary suffering.

I am not referring to the often misinterpreted MLK quote “TThe arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.Unfortunately (at least, taken like that in its stripped down version), that’s nonsense. Rather, it is what “Beau de la Fifth Column” said: to change the law, you must first change your mind.

Here’s Beau in one of the many videos in which he said this and his related argument:

As for the latest wave of SCOTUS madness, these screwed up decisions and their screwed up laws are popular among the assholes currently in power, but they’re hugely unpopular in the country-… Culture-… wide.

Minds have changed. There is some setback, but this trend remains generally in the right direction.

The unexpected reaction (for me) is that small and medium-sized businesses are starting to nail their colors and their money to the mast in favor of reproductive and homosexual rights. It is the greatest indicator of the evolution of minds.

Corporations have no soul, no conscience; they do what they believe will make their brands popular and acceptable to the greatest number of customers. Nothing else. So if bodies tend to be progressive, even if it’s a pink and rainbow wash… that’s a sign that people have gone far more progressive than that. In the long term, the laws to have to follow the people, otherwise the people will no longer consent to these laws.


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