Young pro-life activist Andrew Bair joins as political blogger


Pro-life news service added as a political reporter and blogger a young pro-life activist who is one of the most respected young adults in the pro-life movement.

Andrew Bair currently works at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation alongside some of Keystone State’s top pro-life organizers. Prior to that, he was co-director of the National Right to Life Academy, which extensively trains future pro-life leaders and activists in pro-life apologetics.

Bair is considered one of the brightest pro-life minds of the under-30 millennial generation who have faced a life of legalized abortion and seen classrooms full of their peers empty by abortion on demand.

“Everywhere I go, along with the pro-life leaders and activists I speak to, Andrew Bair is frequently mentioned as someone whose understanding of the pro-life cause and the political environment today is at stake. light years ahead of most people his age, ”says editor-in-chief Steven Ertelt. “His understanding of pro-life politics is comparable to that of middle-aged adults who weathered pro-life storms for decades.”

Bair graduated from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, where he studied political science.

“I’m thrilled to join the team,” he said of his integration with the pro-life news service and the most popular pro-life website on the internet. “As an avid reader of LifeNews myself for years, it is an honor for me to contribute to this vital pro-life resource. “

“I am very passionate about elections and the politics of the pro-life movement and hope to share that passion with the readers of LifeNews. As a 23-year-old working in the pro-life movement, I will bring a unique perspective, representing the movement’s ever-growing youth contingent, ”Bair continued.

Bair joins a select group of contributing bloggers from that includes leading pro-life leaders and activists such as Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America, bioethics experts Dr David Prentice and Dr Gerard Nadal, lawyer of ‘Americans United for Life. Bill Saunders, Maura Butler from the Susan B. Anthony list and Luis Zaffirini from the National Right to Life Committee.

Ertelt concluded: “With a pro-life movement increasingly focused on young people, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of young people at the March for Life in Washington last week, Andrew is giving not just a journalist and blogger with a pro-life heart and a keen sense of the political climate, but the ability to reach the millennial generation. They are the future engines and shakers of the political and pro-life world. We are excited about what Andrew is bringing to the table.

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